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Substitution policy

Never exactly the same

Nature is endlessly creative, so there's bound to be lots of variation in the flowers that go into my work. While this makes each Kesed creates product unique, it also means that I am unable to guarantee the availability of a certain flower type, colour, and/ or size, nor tell you exactly what is going into your bouquet!

So how do I order?

First, decide on a budget! Then tell me your preferred choice of:

1) colour(s),

2) focal flower, or 

3) arrangement style

After that, all you need to do is tell me what you absolutely don't want! For instance, strongly-scented flowers.

By default, you get to pick the focal flower, and I will choose the fillers (except for signature series bouquets). This gives you control over the main part, while allowing me the flexibility to pick the freshest seasonal blooms for the rest, so it's a win-win!


What if your selected focal flower is not available, not fresh, or just not looking too good? As far as possible, I will contact you with suggestions based on your brief. If no preferences were indicated or if you are uncontactable, however, I will proceed with a substitution of equal or higher value, without any obligations to you.

My promise to you

I personally get a lot of joy just being around flowers, and through Kesed creates, hope that you can get to enjoy that as well! No matter how big or small, each order is always lovingly made, with flowers handpicked by me.

While I endeavour to provide you really fresh flowers, I hope you can understand that even the freshest blooms available often come with slight blemishes or imperfections. Spots, marks and fall-out are part and parcel of the transient beauty of flowers! 

To get the most enjoyment out of your flowers, do read my flower care guide.